ECC End-of-the-Year Information!


             Monday, May 29th        Holiday/School Closed 

             Tuesday, May 30th       Regular School Hours

              Wednesday, May 31st - Friday, June 2nd

          • Bus and Car Student Dismissal: 11:00 am                              
          • No early dismissal after 10:30 am
          • All students picked up by 11:25 am
          • Lunch will not be served
          • After-School will not be open 

* Car Riders will keep their car tags for next school year if remaining at ECC. If going to SPS, you will get a new one in August!

Welcome to the ECC!

Below is a map of our school arrival/dismissal lanes. 
Car Riders will use the colored lanes based on their child's classroom hallway color. 
(Red, Green, Purple or Orange)

Welcome to the Start of School

YouTube Video

Our Children

"It is a joy to observe older children as they help their younger friends. They do so with great pride. As we watch older children respectfully interact with younger ones, we see their potentials unfold.”


 "A prepared environment means learning in an environment where young and old students can function at different levels. This is why Montessori insisted on three-year groups functioning together." -Lakshmi Kripalani


Our Purpose

To prepare a learning environment that nurtures the whole child while building a partnership with families and the community.

Important Dates

Start of School for 4k & 5k ............August 16, 2016